#1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 by umair01 04.02.2012 22:24

Just saw it (first film I've seen in awhile)

Three things bugged me:

1. I thought the writing was glaringly bad at a couple of cathartic moments. Basically, those moments involved Harry talking to ghosts and the ghost saying something to the effect: "We'll always be in your heart." Sirius doesn't say this, but points to Harry's heart. I think Dumbledore says it though. That's just terrible writing. Absolutely didn't need to be said and right on the nose too. Just awful.
2. The other part I didn't like was Neville killing Nagani. He just comes out of nowhere. Didn't seem as heroic as it could have. It would have been so much more satisfying to see some kind of battle between the two, but then, maybe Nagani would have been too much for Neville. Anyway, I didn't think it came across that well.


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